Pattern designs for Summer School 2023

Designs for Make it in Design Summer School 2023

In my last blog I wrote about taking part in the Make it in Design online design school. It happens twice a year - Winter and Summer school. In summer 2023 I only took on 1 of the tracks as it was during the summer holidays and I was travelling for some of it. But I still managed 2 designs. 

Summer 2023 saw a trip to Greece and Turkey and my design 'Boho Retreat' was influenced by the tiles covering so many buildings. I've made a pattern before based on tiles after visiting Portugal and my love of them re-emerged in this design. 

The second design was called 'Playful Florals' and I ended up calling it 'Floral Fetti' as it reminded me of confetti with the petals floating around. 


'Boho Retreat'

'Floral Fetti'