Festive Florals

For Christmas 2023 I decided I wanted to design a pattern collection that could go across different products including table runners, napkins, tea towels and notebooks. The collection revolves around the Poinsettia. This beautiful plant is so associated with Christmas but for me it reminds me of living in Zambia where we had a large Poinsettia tree in the garden.  The bright red leaves would be on the tree during the summer, which includes Christmas. I’ve also included the winter rose, mistletoe, holly and candy canes. Why candy canes? Just because they look cute! Oh, and stockings because they're cute too. 

In total I made 7 different designs, with the candy canes covering 2 different colourways - white and red. 

While I managed to finish the designs ahead of Christmas a very sick kitten that needed 24 hour care took precedent. For three weeks myself and my husband took turns to sleep on the sofa with Sly and nurse him back to health. That meant any products that needed to be sewn by me, such as table runners or napkins, couldn't be made and I also didn't have the time to do any of the marketing, photography etc that is needed for new products. 

So, I stuck to outsourcing the making of tea towels and notebooks. I had three different designs made into tea towels - the multi-print that has everything!, the Poinsettia and the Winter Roses. I also had two lots of A6 notebooks printed in the multi-print and stockings. These make great little stocking fillers or or could be used to help with planning Christmas. I'm thinking that Christmas 2024 might see the table runners and napkins!